We offer a range of different workshops and special classes

- Pranayama, Meditation, Sound Healing -

below you see examples of some workshops we have already done. We are always happy to work on new workshops, if you have specific wishes

- contact us and lets talk!

Most workshops can be done private as well as in your studio. Some are offered as a series of workshops or private classes to enable a deeper practice.

We are also happy to do yoga classes or workshops for your company.

We reside in Sabro, Aarhus in Denmark, but love to travel both near and far.

Rosa's Fall Teaching Schedule in Denmark:

Vinyasa Flow


Bikram Yoga


Monday and/or Thursday morning at 07.00 -08.30 starting on Monday 02.09.2019 and Thursdag 05.09.2019
This is a 6 week course. We recommend that you come everytime but you can also drop in.

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Class description :
Morning Flow is a dynamic Vinyasa Flow class for all levels based on the Ashtanga Yoga and Hatha Yoga traditions, focuses on building strength, flexibility, balance and mental clarity. An emphasis is placed on self-care and linking of breath with movements. In this class we'll begin to introduce new ideas and develop body parts for postures that require skills like arm balancing, leg over the head, deep backbends and lotus. No advanced skills are needed to participate in this class. Each class will have a slightly different focus in terms of the skills and body parts we are addressing. The main focus here is to develop awareness of your postures and different parts of your body so you can expand into new postures and variations, so come prepared to sweat!

ZEN HOT YOGA SILKEBORG: Bikram Yoga -hot room-

Monday at 17:00-18:30 starting on 02.09.2019 and Friday 16:00-17:30 starting on 06.09.2019

This is a regular schedule for fall. We recommend that you sign in in advance.

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Class description:

Bikram Yoga is a set 26 postures taught with two specific breathing exercises and practiced in a very hot room. Bikram Yoga is the same sequence in each class so you can develop awareness and appreciation for how you develop and grow, both physically and mentally, throughout your practice. The Bikram sequence was designed to systematically work every body part, including internal organs, ligaments, veins and muscles, so they maintain optimal health. Each posture of the sequence accomplishes something different in the body and they all work synergistically to help the body perform at its best. The postures are taught in stages so they are accessible for all levels


When you practice asanas and Pranayama, you are releasing the blockages in your Nadis (energy channels). This allows for more prana to flow and stay inside the body as opposed to flowing out of it. A frequent practice of Pranayama maintains and regulates this flow. The more you practice, the quicker you benefit from your practice rather than beginning from square one again each time you pick your practice up again after a few months of absence.

In this workshop oy will learn a simple explanation of the main benefits of Pranayama breathing exercises to be able to add these new tools into your daily routine. This is an active workshop, more practice, less theory - your participation is important to feel the immediate effects of this powerful practice.

This workshop is 90 minutes long.


In this special class we start off by practicing 75 minutes of Yin Yoga focused on releasing tension in the fascia - the body's connective tissue - and relaxing the mind. At the same time we clear energy blockages in the meridian system to release the natural flow of Chi through the body.

We end off with 30 minutes Meridian Nidra - a deep relaxing practice where the mind stays alert - moving the Chi flow through the body and this way enhancing the movement of Chi and restoring the flow to the organs.

This workshop is 1 hour and 15 minutes long.


Meditation allows us to create space for emotional healing. Meditation helps us to see our world as it is - not the one we think we are missing - and to explore what it really means and how it feels to live the life that is ours, moment by moment, day by day.

Through regular practice we can develop a way to go inward and let force of life rise and move around us as needed. It is important to remember that the practice of meditation is to consciously choose to sit with yourself and just be!

In this workshop the instructor will guide you to understand and learn techniques to mediate.

This workshop is 60-90 minutes long.



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