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60 minutes = 400kr ($60 USD or 55€)
75 minutes=  500kr  ($70 USD or 65€)

90 minutes=  600kr ($80 USD or 75€)

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60 minutes = 400kr ($60 USD or 55€)
75 minutes=  500kr  ($70 USD or 65€)

90 minutes=  600kr ($80 USD or 75€)

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"Meditation is a process of lightening up, of trusting the basic goodness of what we have and who we are, and of realising that any wisdom that exist, exist in what we already have. We can lead our life so as to become more aware to who we are and what we're doing rather than trying to improve or change or get rid of who we are or what we're doing. The key is to wake up, to become more alert, more inquisitive and curious about ourselves"
Pema Chodron 

In this class we guide you step by step into relaxation of the mind, body and heart. There are many ways to improve our experience in meditation. We will offer you several options to make your personal experience more useful and valuable.


Commonly referred to, as Ashtanga Yoga is one of the most popular forms of yoga practiced in the western world today. Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga consists of a flowing series of postures, which are practiced synchronized with the breath. This increases the internal heat of the body so it becomes more flexible and able to practice postures, which could not normally be practiced with a cold unprepared body. At the same time the heat will help burn and remove impurities within the body.

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is a strong physical practice.


Bikram Yoga is 26 posture series of Hatha Yoga asanas put together in a specific order to systematically exercise the whole body, and move fresh and oxygenated blood to one hundred percent of your body.

The e84 includes the 26 beginners postures plus extra exercises to allow thebody to open up more and be ready to perform more advanced posture.

This two classes traditionally runs for 90 minutes and conducted in a hot room.

We offer both classes outside the hot room. No experience is requiered for any of the two classes. Beginners welcome!


A simple and healing practice for both body and mind.

We hold the poses several minutes to allow the body to slowly settle in. We aim to relax the muscles, to exercise the connective tissues (fascia) that hold the body together. We do this to moisturize the fascia and release energy blockages in the meridians - the energy channels of the body.

We teach a functional approach to Yin Yoga - we focus on the individual body, considering that all bodies and bones are different. Therefore we do not focus on how you look in a pose but on the functionality of the asanas.